Sep. 19th, 2017

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I'm sorry, I know you WANT me to put a bullet in my brain and save this company from my wanton and cruel depredations, but I really haven't the time right now.

Also, wouldn't it be more efficient to copy and paste "I don't like you and I don't like grading for this client," 25 times? Grow the hell up and think about the "why" of your job and whether your current approach is helpful.
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I misread the schedule. (Well. Maybe. Work is known to slam people's schedules and not tell them. That just makes it my responsibility to not treat work as trustworthy, though. They are my employer, they get to do what they want.)

I had YESTERDAY off, not today, and I worked it. They really, really needed the coverage, though.

I feel like crying. I really, really needed a day off...

This, this is when I hate it when people say ADD is only an excuse for selfish laziness. Because it hurts me, too. I care about my days off. I need them.


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