Sep. 13th, 2017

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1. Guys, lay off off of whoever writes Ted Cruz's Twitter. Gasp, some men like porn. Gasp, some politicians are hypocrites. And seriously, have I told you about the time my cat jumped on my phone and and followed my ex's mother's Twitter? I'm just glad it was the ex's mom who doesn't want a thing to do with me, rather than the one who literally prays that I come to Jesus through total obedience and devotion to her, the [gag] "Beloved Reverend Mother," so she can kill my cat and confiscate my children's property... ugh. But, you know, smartphone fails happen, hacks happen... porn-watching happens.

2. Focusing on this is pure distraction politics. Cruz's base is largely male, and the women in his base are probably pretty aware of of the likelihood that any high-level American politician cheats aggressively and egregiously, so mayyybe .01% of his base would be alienated, even if he were (perhaps somewhat hypocritically) enjoying porn. But you know what? Let's focus on the fact that the man's agenda is, I dunno, evil?
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Memo to myself: today was an incredibly draining and frustrating day.* I am very depressed. But I will be just as depressed if I curl into a ball and play stupid video games like I want to let myself do, and if I exercise and make crafts and get shit done and learn stuff and make my apartment orderly, maybe that will make Friday less depressing. So I'm going to try. One foot in front of the other and maybe freezing to death will be more pleasant over there after I have eaten the sled dogs.

*Woes behind cut, because they don't matter:
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But speaking of Ms. Spoon-Draining Internet Stranger, she seems to be questioning not only that POC's have a reason to feel scared and angry in the U.S.A. today, but that racism or slavery was a problem in the past. I... just.. I don't know where to begin. Miss you, [personal profile] netmouse. I hope you get better soon, we need someone to fight for truth, justice, and the REAL American way, and I am but an egg...
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"He lingers in my head, like a reeking, months-old entree in the back of the fridge that's stored in Tupperware too expensive to throw out, yet so intimidating to clean. I'll get to exorcising that demon on a stronger-stomached day."


The agony of Noah, choosing which of his beloved thylacine family pets make the cut, and which ones will die.


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