Sep. 10th, 2017

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Another day off, whoo!

And on Nextdoor, someone's advertising for a one-day gig moving boxes into a truck. I'd get exercise, possible pay, social practice, and be a net positive in someone's life. It's only a three-mile walk, super-doable.

But body is saying NO. I feel very, very tired and collapse-prone. I'd be more skeptical of body, but I literally lost 5 pounds for no discernible reason between yesterday's and today's weigh-in. So I'm going to eat and lie down for a bit and see if I have more energy later.
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My cat adores Taylor Swift and will into the room and immediately assume full meatloaf position when I play her, but Rocio Durcal (whom I unashamedly worship) pisses her the hell off.

I wonder if that's covered by veterinary insurance?
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"Cats often show people who live with them [ðɛr] assholes" works with any form of their/ they're/ there, but the third spelling makes you look a bit like a hillbilly talking about feline tribal display options.


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