Sep. 7th, 2017

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So much to do, must exercise with many workouts, practice make-up, finish crafts, "Run" cyber-errands, and clean, clean, clean. But dang. Ate less than half my minimum caloric intake yesterday. After spending a literal ninety+ post-work minutes basically staring off into space/ archive-crawling "How Baby," I said sternly, "Body. We have to." Body said, "do that, and something will break."

Well, okay, then.

I've forced a couple hundred calories into my foodhole. I trust my body, but parsecs to go before I sleep (tomorrow). I've burned incense to the goddess.

I'm firing off birthday greetings to kiddo #1, and writing that e-mail to Director Fury, and going to sleep, hardcore. Sorry, future me.
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I got in touch with programming from the con.

They sent,

"Hi Laura,

"The workshop information on the website is old and should have been removed. There is a shorter writer's workshop, but it is closed. Sorry for the confusion.



Now, the story I want to tell myself is: the website had, until fairly recently, info from the 2014 writer's workshop up. This was a 12-hour workshop (the currently-advertised workshop lasts four hours.) I want to tell myself that the workshop is closed, and I am in it. I want to ask the programmer if there is any way to check the list for my name.

I know, though, that this will seal me in the concom's minds as an asshole in denial. And I am, no question, but it's so unpleasant to have to tell someone that. I'm not going to subject them to it.

Also (and yeah, I know, I know), I did a reading on this and the querent card was the Tower, "you will be shattered, best case scenario by Kunalindi-style enlightenment, but prooooobably more 'can you use smithereen as a verb? Because that would be le mot juste.'" (OTOH, loads of strongly positive cards, largely concerning the possibility of meeting kind, knowledgeable, mature women and new beginnings, yay--- INCLUDING the Fool and the Priestess.)

I really want something chocolate-frosted now. Really, really.
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Can... can we not, when someone is describing the abusive or nigh-intolerable in a relationship or former relationship, say, "Well, I hope s/he is/was worth going through all of this?"

Because, you know, that's the trouble. When Zombie Bloke was good, he was very, very good--- forked tongues have upsides, baby, and you know "giant dick" worked on so many levels with that dude... and he was also incredibly witty, and kind (to anyone but me and his family), and a great storyteller...

The trouble was not that he wasn't worth the bend-over-backwards, constant-kowtow, pick-me boogie. If he was utter shit, then, blam, I'd have dusted and washed my hands literally decades before I did.

Let's replace that with, "I hope you know what you're doing, and what you're losing by doing it," huh?


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