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I said a bad word, but a very happy bad word, and sighed. "Come on, you need hydration. We both need hydration. I think I can walk. Hey, what's this?" The lump swung down and almost hit me.

I hadn't been doing magic long, but I could puzzle my way through runes. "Soul... lover.. not?"

She took the pendulum from my hand. "It's a spell to keep my soul mate away."

I snorted.

She sighed, not my contented sigh from a few seconds ago. Tension was back in her voice already. "True vision is rare. The future doesn't like to be pinned down. But it's unmistakable where soul mates are concerned.

"Mine is a soldier, I think. I know she tastes like too many cigarettes and buttermints, and I know she smells like amber--- Irish Spring, to you. I know that when we kiss, her lips will be slightly chapped. And I know that, three weeks to the hour after we realize there will never be anyone else but each other, forever and ever, she will be killed. So I make sure we never meet. Because I know she deserves to live forever, and I know I don't want to live so many years, knowing what it was to love someone forever, and knowing she's never coming back. Can we talk about something else now?"


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