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Guys. Guys.

You know how even though you just aren't a mix person*, but you somehow always end up with a box of brownie mix in the back of your cupboard, puzzling you, judging you, aging, like that one neighbor with the chihuahuas in sweaters?

Kill it one sleety, haily day. THE BOX OF MIX, you silly, put that away.
But anyhow:

Prepare mix according to directions, EXCEPT:

Use melted butter instead of oil. Add the spices you would add to gingerbread (er, roughly 1.5 tsp ginger/ 3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger, 1.5 tsp. cinnamon, a hard shake of allspice, pinch of ground cloves, and a light shake of cardamom plus a scant sift of white pepper for me, but keep in mind I like mine intense--- maybe "spice to taste" here) Add ~one-third cup of molasses to the hot butter. Bake as normal in an 8 x 8 pan until the smell of chocolate is overwhelming (baker's trick: chocolate baked goods are just about done when they smell amazing).

It's chocolate gingerbread. Serve with a light cream cheese sauce (I bet it would be good with the icing one uses on Italian cream cakes), extra-tart lemon curd, or cherry preserves, and read with a novel of British-flavoured magical realism.

*Shut up, Bisquick doesn't count,** it's just a means to keep sausage and cheese together in those little sausage cheese balls.
**Neither does the box of yellow cake mix you keep on hand to make "birthday cake"-style pancakes. You do, however, get to judge yourself severely for not being able to duplicate the formula without it.


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