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1. Went above and beyond and (I think) got a firefighter his freebies today.

2. Also, a customer wrote to corporate about how thorough and smart I was. It's true, I worked my tail for that customer, and it feels good to be recognized for my hard work;

3. I splurged and bought Lush (okay, it's not THAT much of a splurge, their solid shampoos last months). The package arrived today and the product smells HEAVENLY. I did (splurgily) get some Marilyn, hoping that the blonde would add to worthiness of my Frigga cosplay.

4. While playing around with some white greasepaint (shut up, you don't know my life), I stumbled upon a great contouring technique for my facial structure (Bert from Sesame Street and Pearl Forrester had a baby). I really think if I work with this, I can look a great deal like Aly Michailka and Peyton is Everything That is Sexy (well, perhaps if she ate a few sandwiches and worked on her life choices), in my book.

5.Beautiful rain shower/ thunderstorm tonight. I think I'll go out and play in it.

6. Rediscovered the "By Common Consent" site, knowledgeable people shooting the shit about religion. LOVE IT. On St. Paul, and covering hair because of its um, sperm filling: https://bycommonconsent.com/2006/05/01/for-long-hair-is-given-to-her-instead-of-a-testicle/ (I guess I can suddenly understand why, if, in Paul's mind, woman's hair is equivalent to a man's testes, he is so opposed to braiding...)


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