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1. Re-read Yes, Please. LOVE THAT FUCKING BOOK. I wish it were required reading instead of the Anthem they made us read in freshman year of high school.
2. Got my story off to the workshop by deadline! Which, for me, is major.
3. When proofreading/ choosing stories... well, I used to think I had lost something irreplaceable, writing-wise, in the past ten years, but I was able to tighten the verbiage and spot flaws that weren't obvious when I wrote them on some old works, which makes me hopeful for the future. I just need to rub up against some inspiring minds again...
4. Have I mentioned timing my toothbrushing while doing my squats is paying major dividends?
5. I did not buy that one sword. Oh, criminelly, I was tempted. It was at Goodwill, covered with bat wings and lion heads, its rack decorated with what seriously appeared to be Martin Luther in an aikido skirt, and festooned with seventies stripper tassels, and only $40! I left it there for someone who would love it unironically.
6. Was in a position to help my damad-ji Luke out with new shoes at just the right time. I love feeling helpful and needed. Also shoes. (Oh, man, you should see the ones I'm bidding on right now...)
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