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I know it's banal, darlings, but it seems to be working. Combined with 10-20 minutes of sunbathing a day, this may be the sanest I remember feeling, ever.

1. Good hair day. Posted a pic on LJ. Tempted to take it down, scrub out the real estate ad on the back of my phone, and use it as a profile pic on Fet (the filter it uses prettifies it enough that I am not recognizable as me... I think a reverse-image search might pick up Charo? Or Alan Doyle?) I don't want to be courted but I feel like a creeper without an image.

2. Insurance meal-kit thingy arrived. We'll see what I actually do, pedometer-wise.

3. Day off, yippee!

4. Dress from China arrived. SO CUTE AND IT HAS POCKETS. May need to get it in white and cosplay as Pepper Potts some day soon. I want a dozen. Did I mention, not over-cleavage-y and also reasonable skirt length and opaque?

5. ...hand-release push-ups. I think the shake-up to routine was a good thing? We'll see. But they feel good.
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