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Missed yesterday, may do more than five.

1. My sweet, zealous immune system. So, yesterday was rotten--- I got this thing where I got a full-body migraine, complete with blindness, nausea, vomiting, feeling like my muscles were just on fire and melting from inside, and ALL THE MUCOUS FOREVER. I hydrated and rested up. Felt like crud, but still went to work today, was like, oh, crap, is this a variation of the cold that kept me off work for two weeks (and post-viral coughing for months)? And I went back to the stuff I'd been going through and realized it was from the very date I acquired that cold. Maybe that's not how it works, but I wonder if there weren't some sort of leftover virii on my Archon crap, and my body had to defeat The Con Crud from Hell all over again? But I feel better now. Good job, bod!

2. Customer complained about my rudeness at work. Boss refused to even listen to the call. "You are one of the least-rude people I've ever met. If someone says you were rude to them, it's almost certainly that person having a bad day."

3. Boss also gave me a bit of extra responsibility today. Hotel double-charged a guest, and transferred them to us for a refund because they didn't understand that this what was what they had done. I wanted to tell the guest to talk directly to the hotel, but boss was like, "No, this is what you're going to say," and I said it, and they still didn't understand, but I re-re-rephrased it, and they were like, "OHHH!" Gotta say, feels kind of good. I may actually develop some sort of confidence at this rate. I am certainly inspired to work hard to deserve cette confidence.

Seriously, how great is it to hear, "I believe in you" twice in one day?

4. Double pay tomorrow, whoohoo!

5. Photographed some sun dogs--- actually mildly-weird story, I have been making sure to bring one bag of donations to a local drop box every time I head out shopping (storage room almost clear!), and almost forgot to bring yesterday's donation, but was compelled to. Then I walked past the bluidy box, and almost said, "I'll get it on the way back," but turned around, and saw a stunning blob of cloud-tabby rainbow. I may append the photos to LJ.

Sun dogs are supposed to be a VERY not-good omen, and holy cow, have they been uniformly "this-is-not-good" in my personal life, but their beaut makes them worth it.

6. According to LJ, I am as of today the 975th most popular blog on their site. Color me amused that their rankings are so heavily weighted by how many cuts your blog has--- that's the only change I've made, aside from this gratitude log thing.


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