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1. Got a one-on-one! Which felt a little illicit--- I bitched to my co-worker about how ready I was to just call out in sheer despair, and when I called my boss to let him know that one of the rates was loading as super-weird in my system, the conversation magically turned to my performance. I've really cut down on my talk time, and my conversion is amazing. I also have permission to press the "UA" (unavailable) button. The bad news: I might as well be shouting into a rain barrel for all the good asking if Bad Grader actually helps anyone get better, instead of making them feel like they may as well not bother with call quality.

2. I actually wrote something! It was a poem. I feel like my ex's college claque of foxy temptations would hate it, but I didn't write it for them. It felt rather satisfying to let go of.

3. Booked a room for someone whose name was a homophone for "They Suck." He was really cool. I am an eleven-and-a-half-year-old boy wrapped in the withered husk of an ancient woman.

4. Forced myself to wake up and do "five nice things," also, a set of squats and the dishes.

5. Stuffing mix scrambled with eggs is not the AMAZEBALLS creamed tuna with stuffing mix is, but it's all right. Really filling, I haven't felt this satisfied in weeks.


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