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(From yesterday, Net was off at posting time)

1. Was thinking about buying a product. Asked a question on a forum associated with the product, received such great answers that were so in line with what I wanted, I switched from "thinking" to "knowing."

2. Felt like a BAMF today. Beautiful jeweled wasp came into the apartment. Landed on my head after irritably looking for the exit for several minutes. I calmly walked to the door. Wasp left my head, flew bang into a spiderweb. I used the fork I was holding to cut her loose (sorry, spider, we're all going a little hungry here these days). It being apparent I wasn't going to be able to get a glass over her, I threw a shirt around her and made a bag, then escorted her out. Victory!

3. I booked a celebrity! Squee! He was pretty chill. Can't talk about it, obviously, though. I'm glad that my perception of him is unchanged/ enhanced, and I'm glad his kid is going to an excellent school.

4. Cat's flea meds arrived today. She is already calmer.

5. The Great Work Blackout, where I would have had to come in or get pointed, occurred on my day off.


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