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1. PMS was unusually light this month, and struck in the form of dissatisfaction with the amount of improvement of my state. This is not so bad, and it does have a point;

2. Speaking of, I thought I had disastrously run out of supplies tonight, when the cops were a-prowling and I couldn't run to the store, but I had a couple of... well, aces for near the hole;

3. I keep forgetting that I have an extra fin. That's pretty cool;

4. Non-fiction of the week is H is for Hawk. Only a couple of chapters in, but a very promising read. Z.B. and I fought bitterly about whether I was allowed to enjoy T.H. White; then we fought bitterly about whether we had fought about it. It is a relief to know that White was so irrevocably and irretrievably of My World, a partaker in my bitter and delicious madness, a clumsy pretender to love, just like I have been and am. There is just this... relief, knowing Mr. White mad and gay and terribly lonely. No wonder I did Z. a fritten by feeling White in my ill-made soul, despite his insistence that soldiers might not like to be killed and perhaps their feelings ought to be considered in the matter;

5. I shall have a Thursday off! And Thursday are a local SCAdian meeting, speaking of my ill-made soul. I am hopeful that I might convince my daughter to ferry me there.


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