Jun. 30th, 2017

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They said didn't like the modern car.
They said they wanted the embrace of a tank to feel safe.
They said that the price of the lighter carton
Were the eggs inside.
Seat belts make you drive crazy,
Because you feel safe when you wear them.

Look, I said,
You're safer in these, as you call them,
Plastic toys. They
Surround you and
They are built to take the damage into themselves,
To suck in impact.
To be destroyed so you might live.

That "plastic toy" crumples,
But the meat walks away.

They said they didn't like my modern life.
Sex should never come
Without feeling like armor,
Like a tank,
Like a cage.
Be like the turtle, they said,
Entwine your spine with the roof so the removal of your vehicle will kill your sweet green flesh.

He sighted down the barrel at me and laughed when I refused to flinch.

He said, "All right, fine, that was a punch, but don't you agree that it was justified?"

He said, "I think your friend is very beautiful." (She sighed, "His heart beats with mine, but.")

He showed me the pills he was going to use if I would not.

He said, "You lied to me and so for the foreseeable future."

He said, "You ruined my life. Couldn't
you at least have wiped the blood off your face before the cops got here?"

The plastic toy crumples and the meat walks away.
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...probably a popped.. um, cyst, or something.

CW: grossness behind cut.

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