Jun. 18th, 2017

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That in "Harrison Bergeron," the real equalizer was bullets. And the fact that we were all creepily objectified and misinterpreted by Kurt Vonnegut.


Jun. 18th, 2017 05:03 pm
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I know I think about Podkayne of Mars way too much, but... at the end, why does Tom yell at Poddy's mother for not focusing on her enough? I mean, Uncle Tom would have needed the smokescreen to get to Earth just the same, and the kids would have been right there anyway, no matter whether Dr. Fries had been Claire Huxtable or Stephanie Kwolek... it is the greed of those who hired Mrs. G. (my theory is Dexter Cunhas Senior and Junior, among others) to use Podkayne and Clark as leverage; Clark's own incompetence (give him a break, he's an eleven-year-old fighting NATO and the Eastern bloc); bad UI on the part of the manufacturers of the inertial tracker (seriously, who designs a navigational aid that can't be carried on a lanyard or wrist strap or integrated into Venusian equivalent of hiking poles? Or was it something Clark jerry-rigged? Can't remember!); Tom himself's stubborn refusal to give in and sell the birthrights of his constituency for a mess of pottage the kids don't even want; and even Podkayne's own loyalty and maternal instincts that did her in.

Poddy was a good girl, the kind of good person who would not have been improved by helicopter parents. Parental attention would have fanned Clark's dark-triad traits while squashing his genius, which was of the sort that would have fucked off into a corner forever if someone had tried to encourage it rather than treating it as nuisance. Arguably, the ONLY thing that could have turned Clark Fries into Kettle Belly Baldwin (or the Moffat Mycroft Holmes) instead of Jonathan Crane was having Podkayne's purity as constant background radiation, then having that ripped away by The Bad Guys.

I believe Tom was just feeling powerless and lashing out, not at the source(s) of the actual problem, but at the thing that was most likely to change and be hurt by his lashing out.

And people say this book has no relevance to feminism...


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