Jun. 12th, 2017

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...yes, for some reason, I find my thoughts drifting to Zombie Bloke way too much. I'm working on that. Fer cry eye yi, it's been ten years, and I don't think we really spent more than eight consecutive months together at a go. I think it's just that I had friends, and then I didn't, because I had Zombie Bloke, and now I have no friends (beyond you kind, online dear ones), and my brain is like, "Well, what we do in the case of super-lonely and bored and in need of social stimulation is we obsess about Zombie Bloke." Um. Brain, we need to talk. Maybe think about ways to get a better job, instead. Or memorizing digits of pi.

But I've been thinking about this image of Zombie Bloke a lot, late.

Someone uses the phrase "aspirational crush," in front of Z.B. His brow furrows. "Aspirational..." he murmurs. Then he buries a his forehead in his palm. "Oh, goddamit," he murmurs.
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...but I still have five good things.


According to fanfic writer runningondreams, they used to write F.R.A.N.C.E. on the back of envelopes in W.W. II. It stands for "Friendship remains and can never end." F.R.A.N.C.E., dearest reader. F.R.A.N.C. fucking E-for-ever E.

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