Jun. 8th, 2017

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You know the schoolyard song "C.C. my playmate"? How in verse three, the narrator reveals her dolly does not, in fact, have the flu, and is in no danger of throwing up on C.C., and how grand a trick it was that the narrator played on her friend?

Is that not a really terrible "trick"? Terrible as in stupid, not as in cruel. C.C. is almost certainly not worried about doll vomit (one hopes), and quite clearly taking the "soft no" of her friend, who obviously does not feel like playing today, or is perhaps ashamed that her rainbow is not, as claimed, slide-able. And the friend just mocks her like she's this stupid, gullible person... C.C., do not even deal with this young woman. She is clearly not worthy of your emotional energy, no, not even as an enemy.

Whew. Thank you. I've been thinking this for almost 50 years, and it feels good to get off of my chest.
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Man, this woman is why I have "cuntpunch" on my custom dictionary. She downgraded me for speaking slowly and clearly to a person who was struggling with ESL (I was NOT being condescending, the young woman kept needing me to repeat myself), and simplifying the convoluted verbiage of the standard loyalty spiel.

Just keep swimming toward a new job, I guess. I really, really want to talk to my manager about this, but he doesn't have time to hear it, and besides, it's really super-unprofessional to point out others' flaws when they are pointing out ways I could improve--- even when those "improvements" will make me much worse at my job.

I will continue to use her hate to improve myself. But just to recap: this woman gives me evaluations in the 40% range when I consistently land within 95-100% with several other people. She does the same to others, and it seems to be concentrated on my department. I believe her feedback to be unhelpful and perhaps even harmful.
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Today has been so many minor (mostly technical) annoyances. SO CLOSE to just flipping the metaphorical table and calling out. Only the fact that I am, so far as I can tell, one person out of four, out of the forty that are supposed to be working today, and the fact that I am this close to a point roll-off keep me here...


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