Jun. 5th, 2017

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Taking a lazy day today.
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I'm taking this as one of my "nice things about today," because if the coin has two sides, you might as well display it heads up.

I didn't get any dialogue on the "flattering/ unflattering" photos on 6/2 (drat it!), but I just got one of my high-school crushes messaging me on Instagram with a "hello." (Dude. Where the hell were you when I was chasing the D like a smack-addicted bloodhound chasing down fugitive models from the London scene?)(Okay, that never actually happened, but there WERE times I was open to FWB to a degree so far over right that it could only be called obtuse.)

I'm tempted to respond "You know I don't actually look like that 99.9% of the time, right?" Doctor Nerdlove in today's column delightfully referred to such interactions "surfing the wave of ambiguity." Saying this would sound SO egotistical, but you know? In the grown-up world, there are so few interactions that follow the pattern: [chemistry in past> boobly picture> one-word social media message that invites response] where there is not an eventual subtext of "so are you DTF or not?" that if I find one that is NOT the case, I will be looking for the Sasquatch in the background of the picture. I think I'll follow the usual steps in the dance, though, and respond back, in-message, with compliments to his adorable dog and a TOTALLY UNRELATED big honking post proclaiming my involvement in Pride month on my feed.

For the record: DTF, I'm not. Darn and serge my sexist body and baggage-laden brain.

I'm thinking I may put the actual pics on G+, so I can subtly acknowledge to my post-Battletech fenzors that, yeah, I did tend to post option B (or should I say option DD, hur hur) more often than I should have... and that yeah, Mama Muffin still got such "it" as she did once have. [Sigh] I'm not actually going to do that, if they were interested in my "it," they'd wade through my photos of interesting dead bugs and irritated cats on my photo feed... but yeah, I'm tempted.


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