Jun. 1st, 2017

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The latest brand of couscous has the following directions. (I paraphrase.) "You should be making this in a couscous pot. If you have a couscous pot, you know how to make couscous, and we're not telling you. Still reading? Ackh, fine you American hipster heathen. Here are microwave directions." Nothing for those REAL hipster-heathens who don't own a microwave (these days, I don't own anything if I can help it), but it's couscous, I managed. ("How hard can it be to boil a pancake?") A little finer pearl than I am used to, but to quote Lore Sjoberg, "like pizza and movies with 'bikini' in the title, even when it's bad, it's good."

Small dogs who bark so enthusiastically their front feet bounce make me happy. So does the fact that my favorite store clerk (who is a dead ringer for Anna Silk, but that's not why I like her)

I got sent home early from work. Hurrah! There's a new kid on command and I think she doesn't realize all the call queues I'm in AND that I handle third-party reservation push errors. but I have been specifically instructed not to worry about it.

I really like entering the third-party reservations. Boring confession: it is my favorite type of workday when their system synch mechanism busts and I just plug my headphones in and crank out a couple of thousand reservations to, I don't know, Dio or something.

Found a really good recipe for oatmeal cookies. Well, they're oatmeal lace cookies, but they hit all the notes that Tina's (for "Tina," read "the other kitchen goddess and patron saint of my grandmother's household." So problematic that my father's family had what was essentially a mammy, but so grateful to have had her in my life and heart) cookies used to, or enough of them that I am instantly transported back my Louisiana childhood and that magical house where it never for a second occurred to me to doubt that I was loved and worthy of love.



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