May. 31st, 2017

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-The onomatopoeic transcription of cat's meow when she wants treats is currently and exactly an emphatic, "Nag! Nag!" So far, whenever I've whipped out the camera/ phone, she has clammed up, but if you want the effect, it's rather like that video where they dub in, "Mom!" for meows on other cats;

-Single-life pleasures, number 572 in series: spreading peanut butter and WAY too much jam on a piece of bread, folding it over, and vampiring out the excess jam;

-Making lemonade with sugar instead of simple syrup, and the sugar sludge at the bottom of the cup;

-I budgeted opening-weekend Wonder Woman tickets FIRST, and C. and I will be seeing it together. There's a scene in Still Life With Woodpecker where Bernard the Mad Bomber, immured awaiting near-certain death in a wedding mausoleum (long story) tells his fellow internee, his batshit-and-Froot-Loops ex-lover Princess Leigh-Cheri the story of the movie Les Enfants du Paradis, how whimsy and soul and love countering the goosestep rhythm of the fascist narrative are as important to resistance of Camazotz as keeping the fighters fed. Leigh-Cheri makes him promise to see it with her, and he promises to do so if the tickets are $1000 each (this was the late 70's, that was real money), they'd pay without batting an eye, and if they couldn't afford it, they'd sneak in; and afterwards, they'd drink wine from a jug and drink Twinkies, and if there were no jug wine and no Twinkies, they would grow their own grapes and grain, and if the Nazis confiscated their land, they'd steal their Twinkies back right out from under their ridiculous little mustaches, dammit. This is approximately how I feel about my daughter and a decent Wonder Woman movie (which, by all accounts so far, it is);

-I found a way to allow a wheelchair-bound woman to see Cabaret with her husband for her birthday, even though the computers said it couldn't be done, even though her husband had said he'd take care of it and didn't until all performances were damn near sold-out, even though I had to go through that theater seat by seat. This caring is my curse and my power, this is the ten percent of calls that take 50% of my workday, but damned if I don't feel fantastic for having been a part of this woman's triumph;

-My local community rec center (attached to my local library) does Nerf Wars days. My evil, anticipatory smirk, let me show you it.


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