May. 27th, 2017

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Actually posting "out loud" about needing to go to sleep did the trick, and I was able to sleep until the landlord came in. (I know you were burning to find this out.) The place was fine. (Did not hide work equipment well enough and got a meaningful look about the multi-line phone--- or maybe that was at the dog-made holes in the carpet. The line of sight was the same. Still not sure about the "no business transacted on the premises" clause on the lease, as the language used seems to preclude things like pizza delivery or eBay buying/ selling, and this just seems.. silly to me? But laws/customs are weird in Missouri--- did you know that most IRA's are considered an "investment" and illegal here if the individual investing makes less than $70/k per annum? Anyway. Usually, they have the "notice to vacate" on the door within the hour, though, so I think I'm okay for now.)

Woke up again, was wrong about the house. It is not okay. It is motherfrickin' sparkling, is what it is. So in twenty-seven minutes, I shall sleep until my eyeballs go pruney, then enjoy that weirdest of entities: three days off; in a row; with a sparkly (and organized) house. Crafting? Writing? Learn to use that sewing machine (FINALLY)? I owe my dad a longish letter or a kajillion. This payday is tight on money, so maybe not a lot of spendy stuff... hm. LotR movie marathon? Brush up Spanish? Binge the Career/ Manager Tools podcast? (Oh! News! Finally applied for my daughter's company. Everyone, please pray for a "special intention..." This would be in one of the fields I am STAGGERINGLY good at, crossing i's and dotting t's.. one of the cases where ADD is a superpower: because I am naturally awful at compliance and documentation IRL, I am really good at setting up systems that check themselves... and Horstman/ Auzanne work better at getting me into the high-C track (and out of the "C-is-for-cray-cray") than any therapist I've found. Hm...


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