May. 24th, 2017

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...I thought I'd mention how much I love tea. Loathed it as a child, as it was somehow too... thin to satisfy me, and I preferred honest water, but can't live without it now and glad I don't have to try.
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You know, for the past fifteen years or so, I haven't wanted to celebrate my birthday. I've felt that this is not a day that people should be celebrating because of me, certainly not out of a sense of obligation or a feeling that I am something grand, and that birthdays are pretty arbitrary as human markers go. I just realized, though, that I do want to celebrate my birthday this year, just because I really like life and I think it's neat to be alive. Huh.
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The cat is indicating she would like me to go out and get some treats. She is doing so by curling up into a catloaf on the shopping backpack and purring. Sometimes I think she is not the shiniest gobbet of Jell-o on the wall.
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[Crockpot] Brown rice with dollar-store frozen mangoes (I imagine most sweet fruits will do), heavy cream, touch of vanilla and brown sugar... wow. REMEMBER THIS. (Pretty sure it's a me-specific recipe...)


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