May. 23rd, 2017

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Here's my take on Ross and Rachel: Ross had an aspirational crush on Rachel. He probably, below his waterline, knew that if he paid attention to the stuff he had formally dismissed as "shallow" and "girly," he'd not only get further in his professional life via networking/ politics and pull fancier babes, he'd probably be a better paleontologist, because it's really hard to learn about human behavior without gaining a pip or two in animal psychology, and the eye for detail fashion nurtures is also good for fossils.

Rachel wanted Ross not for who he was, but what he represented: she realized that, yes, she wanted to be adored, and by someone who made her feel that, by being adored by him, she had "made it." She wanted to connect with her "loser"-ish instincts and learn to take care of herself and do things like purchase renter's insurance.

So, yeah, as much as I like seeing the popular narrative portray a couple who is NOT a couple getting together for the first time, that's not a ship I support.


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