May. 22nd, 2017

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I finally put up that piece of passive-aggressive slashfic. It's not technically slash, it's just a list of things it's helpful to know when you're making out/ having sex for the first time. It's kind of "I wish (or I'm glad) I had known my first time." It's also kind of, "I find it it makes me cringe when your 1930's-educated protagonists, who didn't even know that gay sex was a thing fifteen minutes ago, know by sheer instinct how to prep for anal almost word-for-word according to the second-from-the-top Google hit article, and nobody ever pauses to think, 'Huh, that feels weird.'"

It's, um, kind of blowing up, relative to my previous eensy-beensy success on AO3. Looking like it might get more hits than it has words shortly. (I write super-short stuff. I told you my success was eensy-beensy.) I know part of that is the fandom (my favorite to read, but the first time I actually wrote in that fandom) and the "explicit" tag, but...

But. The ratio of kudos to hits, far from being the ~1:10 I've come to expect from things I've written that I like and have a fandom prone to leaving kudos (:cough: Narnians don't like satire :cough:), is more like 4%. It doesn't really have... moments. Most of my work has at least a few points that I really, really like. And sure, those moments are rarely (so very rarely) what others like about whatever work we're talking about, but I think that having great moments is a sign that things are working well. (For the record, my favorite sentence in that one is, "Sex does not have to be flawless to be perfect." There ya go, my ultimate. Gotta go, the Ed-in-my-Head is chittering about how I was really, really terrible at sex and that attitude is probably why, and I need to do push-ups until that shit stops.) So, it's not really that I'm getting eyeballs and not getting props that huffs me, it's that I don't deserve props, and that the subject deserves both eyeballs AND props.

I... phew. I used to be funny. What happened?


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