Apr. 26th, 2017

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(Re: the absurdist MRA hot take that anyone who discusses Le Pen's problematic nature cannot possibly call themselves a feminist.)

Anyone who tells you, "Boys against the girls," is either seven years old or trying to distract the boys and the girls against greater injustices. My feminism is about making sure things are fair and okay, and often that means smoothing the way people who otherwise have a rougher road.
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Inspired by the Ferrett's essay on relationship contracts versus "care and feeding of" documents, I thought I'd make my own, but it was obvious from the first letter--- from the font choice!--- that what I was writing was a litany of unhealed hurts.

A major issue for me is that a lot of things I want to ask for are things I feel should come standard. "I do not like it when you shout at me or hit me in anger... also when you quietly and resentfully seethe for, like, years." "If you pee on my stuff or that of my neighbor, you clean it up. I don't care that it's not your stuff (or your neighbor), it's your pee." "Apologies (for things I am genuinely upset about) should come with concrete steps to make it up to me, try to keep it from happening again, AND efforts not only to understand why I am upset, but to see if that is actually why I AM upset." "I masturbate a lot. Like, a lot a lot. You are welcome to help out. You are not welcome to be judgmental. You are probably in a relationship with the wrong person if you find masturbation emotionally hurtful." "I need time alone, and caffeine. I have tried to exist without either, and the results are undesirable to anyone who cares about me."

I onno, man. I wish I had some example document to follow. The only positive things I can think of right now is, "A blush under my supersternal notch is apparently a very, very good sign," "Kiss me, daily, passionately, in the manner known as French," and "Please kiss my neck and nibble my ears a lot."
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... Captain America, driven mad by the literally-millions of lives lost under coulda-woulda-shoulda-if-only-I'd-known-I-could-have-saved-them-all and la strategie de l'escalier, says, "Fuck it. I was secretly a bad guy all along. Hail Hydra. I MEANT to do that. I HAVE CONTROL." Wouldn't work for movie Steve, but abso-fucking-lutely in character for Cap-616.

But maybe that's too close to that one episode of DS9.


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