Apr. 14th, 2017

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So today, someone called me regarding waiver of the cancellation fee. I said, "Sir, I'm sorry, since it's a same-day reservation, you are going to have to call the actual hotel. I'm the reservations department, and that's not my call." (True; however, there are at least six ways to weasel the cancellation fee that are pretty common knowledge, especially if you booked directly with the hotel and not a third party. Also, I know the way to make the weasels dance for you.) The guest said, "I did. They said to call you."

I called the desk, because huh?

Only it wasn't the desk. Somehow, the personal cell of the owner of the hotel (or someone who claimed to be him) ended in the place our direct contact number would normally go.

Owner was furious about being woken up, furious that anyone would consider waiving a cancellation fee for anything less than death. Furious that the reservations department would be contacting the hotel after nine p.m. for any reason. Took my name. Took my boss's name. Took my boss's boss's name. Took my boss's boss's boss's name. Berated me for a solid eighteen minutes.

After he let me hang up, I called back the guest and apologized, then wrote my boss's boss and cc'd my manager what I did; what I did wrong; and how I would prevent that in the future, if there was one for me.

I do get a vibe that this person was not, in fact, the actual owner of the hotel, and may have been trying to scare me and impress me. (He did not know any of the people that he should have known at our company as a [Brand] hotel owner; the names I gave were the head of the [Brand] department and the owner of our organization; he countered by dropping the name of a person who is basically the secretary for the corporate ombudsman, the "we apologize for the inconvenience and our office will get back to your hotel within five to ten business days" guy.)

And this JUST came on the heels of learning that you don't get your back vacation pay unless you give two weeks' notice and have perfect attendance for the last two weeks, and you CAN'T work from home on that. I, of the seven-hour-each-way commute, am screwed on that. So no three weeks of salary.

So. Anyone know someone who is hiring?


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