Apr. 11th, 2017

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Ugh. I am not much for astrology, but we're smack-dab in Mercury retrograde and everyone should try to be kind, understanding, and organized.
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..."Thank you for keeping yourself up," (they had even said this to me, in the Time Before the Health Crisis), I hear, "Thank you for keeping other women down."

I realize this is not the intent, but... damn. It's hard to be a woman and be constantly told that a. your visual appeal to men should be your primary concern; and b. you are inferior to men because you care about your visual appeal.

You want to compliment a woman? Say, "Thank you for keeping up your corner of the sky."
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The purpose of a heartbeat is to push.

My heartbeat is about the size of a uterus or a fist,
But when I bring my hands to my chest,
It feels more like a dinner plate,
Ignoring that the pulse I feel is a direct result of the push in my fingertips,
and if we bring fingertips into it, why, when I lay down and really stretch, my heart
has a wingspan of more than six feet;
and if we bring push into it, well,
The baby that my heart brought about and pushed out into the world
(twenty five years and some change ago)
Is 34.2 miles away right this second.
And if that counts, well, reader,
We could say that my heart beats in your eyes this very instant,
Even if (statistically speaking) it no longer beats in my dinnerplate chest.


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