Apr. 4th, 2017

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...one of the greatest pleasures in life is to look back on one's day of work and say, "That was hard, but I did it well."

Especually the part where it's said in the past tense.

That having been said... will say more about fuckery later.
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I realize there's some debate in whether Steven Moffat is misogynistic.

I would not say misogynistic, but there is a ribbon of "flirty white male superman whom everyone desires but who transcends the need for sexual intercourse*," running through his work to the point to the point where it defines it, in the way that "fudge ripple" is mostly vanilla, but defined by the dark-and-fudgy.

My case in point is his portrayal of Irene Adler in Sherlock. Irene Adler in the show becomes quasi-sexually obsessed with Mr. Holmes, who remains indifferent and a little irritated by her attentions. Her adoration of her lover is fleeting and secondary to her character, a MacGuffin to swing her into Sherlock's orbit, and if only she could stop putting the needs of her heart first, she could be a political force to rival or surpass Mycroft or Moriarty; instead, she will always have to fight tooth and nail not to be their minion. In the books, it is Sherlock who can never quite get over Irene Adler, with an authorial undertone of "OMG YOU GUYS I SHIP IT SO HARD." The Doyle Irene Adler is allowed to be brilliant and still have cunnilingus. She can have relationships with others and, even if they are not her intellectual equals, they are her emotional peers. Her power is neither because of nor in spite of her sex (in both senses of the word); it simply is.

I think it's not misogynistic because the character of Sherlock, as written by Moffat, could be played with equal power, if not with equal popularity, written as an ace or lesbian woman. (Paging Tilda Swinton; Ms. Swinton, please call central casting and OH MY GOD WHAT IF DAVID TENNANT PLAYED WATSON NO DON'T THINK ABOUT HOW CUTE THE INTERVIEWS WILL BE YOU WILL DIE OF THE ADORABLE GOOFY SCOTTISHNESS.) It's problematic because that's not something you're going to see.**

*I will say it here: the reason I find River Song irritating is not her "strong sassy female" t-shirt, nor that she dares to act as if she is sex symbol even though she is older and rather (hrmph) straight-lathed, nor because she refuses to tone her horniness or intelligence down (or even stop mentioning it for a full ten minutes at a time), but because, as Mrs. The Doctor, she plays the part of "beard" so very stereotypically that one half-expects Clippy the Microsoft assistant to pop up and say, "It looks as if you are trying to fool someone. Would you like help?" Coupling was mostly the story of how one cannot be a superman without learning, somehow, to transcend the need for sexual intercourse. Come on, comments section, fight me.

**Although I admit, I have not seen as much of the episodes featuring Madame Vastra and Jenny as I should have, having procrastinated on that particular series/ season until Netflix hawk-spitted and said, "No more, lady, we're out of that brand forever." So, if I'm wrong, I apologize. It has occurred to me to wonder if Madame Vastra is a literally-veiled attempt to make up for the spaying and declawing of Irene Adler.
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I can do my job with a faulty computer interface or a mjgraine, but not both....
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Rubbing my eyes throught the lids trying to relieve pain/ tension (it helps sometimes),and encountering a second bulgy place to the right of my lens, as if my lens were "snowman eight" shaped. Hm.


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