Mar. 15th, 2017

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(In which I am a jerk, but feel good about it.)

One of the finest people I have had the pleasure of knowing is an NYC comedienne of some note, with whom I was privileged to go to college. She recently had a baby, and it darn near killed her. Like, literally, carrying-around-a-defibrillator-just-in-case.

She tweets politically, being pretty incisive about the nasty brand of nationalistic isolationism so popular today. Some dude told her to go back to the business of making more (white) babies.

I said that his statement was the perfect example of humor being the contrast of real vs. the ideal: in reality, my old school chum could not have more babies wifthout risking her life, but in an ideal world, this fellow would have "the strength, flexibility, and dick size to go fuck himself."

And no-one, probably, will think it was funny, or at all called-for, or even acknowledge my existence. But I feel very proud of having said it.


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