Mar. 6th, 2017

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I've been enjoying the "Young Protectors" series on yaoi911.

I also read the first comic, Artifice, basically fanfic set in the Alien/ Prometheus/ Titanic 'verse with mildly-hot gay-boy makeouts. It was much harder for me to get in to (and off to) the groove of the sociopathic viewpoint characters, especially seeing their future writ large. I don't know, maybe I identified too hard-- criminals who will do anything to protect their love from outside threats, but don't have the tools to protect it from the rot that comes from within... er, yup, I've got so many issues, you can't see the floor for subscription cards. However, I am rather amused to see a strong influence of the Jack Chick comic artist with whom I used to torment my brainmeats when I was in years of single digits. I'm not looking the artist up, I don't want this particular shiny bubble to burst, but it's amusing to me whether it is direct or as a result of convergent artistic evolution...
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...and it had been more than an hour. It had been three hours, almost three and a half.

You know what's good? Water brothers is good.
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"Doubt that the stars are fire,*
"Doubt that the sun doth move**,
"Doubt Truth to be a liar***,
"But never doubt I love."†

*They are, but not the way you think.
**It does, but not the way you think it does.
***Sweet heaven, where am I to even start?
†Reader is invited to draw her own conclusions.
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Please, Heaven, I would like to get through today without flinging my phone out the window and quitting.

Love from,


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