Mar. 3rd, 2017

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So as of next month, I will be transferring the balance of my highest-interest card to my lowest-interest card, thereby freeing up the $400 in security for... well, whatever.

I see my options as:
-In classic debt-repayment, I would be applying this, plus the $25 minimum monthly payment from that credit card, to my next-highest interest debt (Paypal credit, 20% interest; I let my ex max it out so he could have play-pretties and pay me back while I looked for a job. Spoiler: he not only didn't assist with the interest, he was like "I can't afford to pay this [although I pay no rent, utilities, or other expenses beyond food, cigarettes, and parole fees], so you forgive me for the last third of the principal, right? Of course you forgive me." Remind me not to date alcoholics again; the idiot tax on this one came close to $10k; NOT THAT I'M AGGRIEVED);
-Under the Ramsay "snowball method," I would be applying this, plus the minimum monthly payment, to my smallest debt. This will be about $460 when this occurs, meaning that I could just have that card pretty much done by May, and apply a further $15 toward my next-largest debt;
-Suze Orman would prefer I apply that to an emergency fund. My instinct is to resist this; an awful lot of people get emergencies when the universe sees I have money to spare.
-Misc: if I see a room share that gets me somewhere with good public transportation for less than my current rent+ utilities, I might use that as a deposit.

I still owe the government for taxes, I still owe Jenice and Anne mucho dinero for my accepting rent/ living rent-free while being a crazed boogerhead, I still need to transfer the title on the car so I can hand it over to the kids. I still need my gallbladder out, I still need the lump in my breast removed, I still need to apply the money that my dad paid me to get driving lessons to actual driving lessons, I still owe Luke his birthday present and I need walking shoes and vitamin D and cat check-ups...

And I still kind of want to buy a certain number (∞) of books and go to Archon.

Nonetheless, I feel pretty (conditionally) happy about this.


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