Feb. 26th, 2017

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The other thing about work: theyy have this new script tree. It's pretty great, and I've felt I have really seen some improvement in my conversion (sales) and customer satisfaction since we've implemented it. I've been bugging my manager to give me my numbers, but he keeps saying, "Look, what you need to work on is call length." Which, yeah. The new script takes longer, especially since I'm booking more rooms, and a "yes" takes longer than a "no," because you're actually setting the flaming thing up. It's also true that I do tend to err on the side of the cliché--- "going the extra mile," "it takes less time to do it right than to do it over," etc. I get congratulated on ferreting out information

Imagine my surprise when the one co-worker who still talks to me congratulated me on making 100% sales. (The company's "We have to talk" conversion is below 40%, my usual conversion is around 80%), and note on the office whiteboard congratulating me.

I.. am trying not to be paranoid, here. Is it working? I feel like it's not working.


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