Feb. 21st, 2017

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Mine is not a mouth meant for smiling.
By that, I mean, I have been called beautiful,
but only when I'm sad.
My teeth are all wrong for joy.
The lips pull away from the jaw like I am Giger-designed.
My chin goes on for acres.
For smiles like mine, says the thesaurus:
See also: "chimpanzee."
My bones are cacophonous confusion,
my flesh does not know how to cope with them.

Mine is not a mouth meant to smile,
And yet, here you are.
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You know, the ghost of my ex, whom I am trying very hard indeed to exorcise from my head, tells me that I really don't like books or reading, because obviously, neither I nor any member of my family owns a bookstore, and I don't read "real" books--- I include fiction and self-help in my "diet", and I probably read more fanfic than is good for me (I count that more as "fanfic" than "reading" and--- oh, wow! Hey, look, Ghosty McGhosteface is telling me via semaphore that I can hardly call myself a "real" consumer of fanfic and whyyyyyyyyyyy isn't Dr. Holtzmann a real person I can call? Is her stubborn fictional existence just a defense against my desire to stroke her hair? Have I been reality-zoned? Again?).

So today, I renewed my library card by walking ~15 miles, prioritizing that over badly-needed medical care and picking up my W-2's. And you know what? Just because there are people who are "better" at liking books than I am doesn't negate my unhealthy and dysfunctional, possibly addictive relationship with the blasted heavy motherfuckers love of them. There are competitions in life, but making this one of them is just silly.
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Step one: see someone mention something that runs counter to a societal default. Examples include, but are no means limited to, polyamory, vegetarianism, veganism, GF diet, no-carb diet, non-mainstream religion, actually FOLLOWING the tenets of a mainstream religion, homosexuality, asexuality/ aromanticism, exercise, meditation, marijuana, political activism, feminism, communism. (For the purposes of blogging, I am limiting myself to examples of things I have actually seen this trick practiced with.)

Step two: a volunteer from the audience will spontaneously mention how he/she/xir/per feels lectured by someone mentioning the very existence of a possibility of the non-default option.

Step three: wait about three years.

Step four: the volunteer from the audience will have magically changed into the very thing whose existence challenged them.

Works every time.


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