Feb. 19th, 2017

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After a workweek of ten straight days at my emotionally-draining job, I wanted to spend the day going to church, catvhing up on cleaning, making art, writing, exercising.... instead, I am fighting off excessice nappage and binge-watching season two of Craxy Ex-Girlfriend. Meh. But so tired.


Feb. 19th, 2017 07:57 pm
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They're making a book I like a great deal, D. Eggers' thriller The Circle, into a movie. Heck, maybe they've released it, I don't know. Do read the book, well worth it.

Two things:

1. I think it will be a shame to lose the scene where the Snavely Whiplash figure stores the fishtank massacre to his spank bank for later. In the book, the symbolism was super heavy-handed, but the author made it work.

2. I think instead of the ending of the book or the ending the focus groups will inevitably want to give, Mae should get woke AF JUST in or before the final scene. The bad guys should win, and she should give her final speech to her viewers: "I'm sorry for my role in all this. But remember: this is what we chose. This is what we fought for. This is what we deserve," door busted in, fade to black, fin. Or Mae should be at Annie's side, refusing to fight the Power, because the Circle was what humanity deserved.
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I just want to say that as things go, cheap chicken drumsticks in a slow cooker with a barbecue sauce you really like is like really way more wonderful than anyone has any right to expect. High for about four hours and flip 'em. Delicious, lunch for one, and stuff to add to stuff you add chicken to as well.

Also, I did a Tarot reading about "what should I do about my job," and change is good and will bring about great things and I'm scared of things I shouldn't be scared of and not scared of things I should be scared of and arrrrrg.


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