Feb. 16th, 2017


Feb. 16th, 2017 02:17 pm
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He moved 1200 miles to a cold city to be with me.

I asked him not to and told him I cared for him but could not love him the way he wanted. I was right about that. I tried very, very hard to love him the way he wanted, but I couldn't. It wasn't him, it was us.

To this day, nearly a decade later, something inside me says that doesn't mean I didn't do him wrong.
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All winter long: "Mummy! The cat window is closed! Open it! I want to go in and out and in and out and not bother with the door!"

Mid-70's today (! It's mid-February.) Using a crochet hook and employee I.D. (the window is designed to open with, I kid you not, one person holding the catches at the top open and one person holding the catches at the bottom open, each person needing two hands, but a third person needs to be pushing from the middle. You can make a thing foolproof, but irritated-person-with-ADD-proofing is another thing entirely), at two p.m.: I did this very thing.

Four p.m.: "Mummy! There is a window open in the bedroom! This cannot possibly be secure! Look! I prefer using the door! I am going IN and OUT. Please fix that window. It is BROKEN and OFFENDS THE SENSIBILITIES OF EVERY THINKING BEING. How can you just stand by?"

Five thirty p.m.: "Mummy! Someone closed the CAT WINDOW."

I think I am blocking the Sockington Twitter, as my cat is clearly learning the wrong lessons from it.Le chat en désordre, apaisé avec la cataire. )


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