Jan. 17th, 2017

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I called my senators about the ACA. Roy Blunt's staffer was audibly pissed. I am a terrible person to be just a bit gleeful about pissing off someone to the point of nonprofessional behavior, I think, but dang. I'm also hopeful they are getting many, many calls on this, even if it is post-deadline. Repealment of something so complex has several phases. (Senator McCaskill's answering machine did not display affect when I called to thank her for her awesome support of... well, everything good and right.)

My story, I think, is relevant to the GOP narrative: (you can skip this, as you are probably familiar): Read more... )

Today, a friend wrote me from Belgium, saying that I should really think about coming to live there. As much as I love the term "Walloons," I love my country more, warts and all. I'd hate for it to come to that. I'd hate to think of myself to leave my country to the post-truth wolves. I just... this feels so much like Germany, 1933 to me, and I'd make a lousy resistance fighter (especially if reduced to dependence upon dried pig glands).
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Today marks the last day of my six-day vacation. I have achieved precisely fuck over all, beyond the reinstatement of the zero-tolerance dirty-dish policy. I feel way more rested and ready to dive back into the fray tomorrow. That's good.

Mild angst: Read more... )

I also had a bit of an epiphany: what I really want right now is someone I can IM to snark with by swapping links to formal dresses on eBay, without judging me TOO harshly for kind of secretly longing to try on about one out of twenty of them. Also: why is there not a Netflix for online friends? I have realized that the Netflix algorithm has my (fairly eclectic) tastes down cold (and believe me, I find this suitably cringeworthy). It would be fab if I could get their "OMG I SHIP YOU GUYS SO HARD" notifications via e-mail for people.
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1. My ex-husband's behavior toward me was almost solely geared toward controlling me. This was doomed to fail, because I had such terrible ADHD and emotional poor health that I had no idea how to begin to control myself. Read more... )


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