Jan. 15th, 2017

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IF I can get my children on board... and in no particular order, using stuff that's made it to the screen:

1. Endora;
2. Alura Zor-El;
3. Narcissa Malfoy;
4. Queen Marlena of Eternia;
5. Hippolyta of Thermyscira;
6. Rapunzel's mum from the Tangled/ Mother Göthel;
7. Lady Jessica not-Atreides;
8. Molly Weasley;
9. Frigga from the Marvel Thor movies;
10. Padme Amidala;
11. Emma Swan (I actually think C. would be SO CUTE as the OUaT Snow White/ Mary Margaret, and this would be a fun reverse-cosplay. IF I lost a ton of weight. [Looks up actor weight] Okay... seriously? Seventy pounds? I'd have to get down to 115 to cosplay Emma Swan? Dang, gf, no effin' way, I looked weird and freakishly boney at 145. Maybe if I were that dedicated to being Padme. OTOH, proportionate BMI's... nope. 126 isn't going to work for me either. Ew. Further research indicates Natalie Portman is shorter and weighs more. How odd!);
12. Elastigirl;
13. Cypher Everdeen;
14. Lwaxana Troi;
15. Joyce Summers.

Hm. About 75% of these are people I was aching to dress up as already. I should beard the bairns. Feel free to add any egregious misses; maybe I'll start a blog.


Jan. 15th, 2017 10:16 pm
spikethemuffin: (Gardening)
I liked it. This is not a surprise: I adore silent movies, which people keep mistaking for depth or independence of thought, but this peccadillo probably stems from early and repeated childhood exposure to the vastly-underrated Harold Lloyd plus auditory processing disorders. The theme is cogent, the visual symbolism wonderfully heavy-handed, the tits astonishing, and the hero comes off as the gayest thing since sexual dimorphism was invented and discarded as a mugs' game by two bees named Clint and Derek. Worth a look, and currently on Netflix streaming.


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