Jan. 14th, 2017

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I just can't close my eyes when you lean in to kiss my lips.
I tap out S.O.S. when you touch my fingertips.
I really wish I could fake it, baby.
But baby, I am not going to make it.

I've lost that lovin' feeling.
My heart is broken, reeling.
I've lost that loving feeling.
It is gone, gone, gone.

My shoulders tense up when
I hear your voice come near.
I shudder at your touch,
Honey, it's not lust, it's fear.

I really wish I could force it, baby.
But baby, I bet you're sick of this horseshit.

I've lost that loving feeling.
I've lost that loving feeling.
I've lost that loving feeling.
And it's gone, gone, gone.
This whole scene is wrong.

Baby, baby, you'd get down on your knees for me.
But baby, baby, you know we're both better off free.
You deserve something sweet, something rare, something strong, something true, something good, something live, something real...
Don't mock what we had by clinging on to something you and I don't feel.

We've lost that lovin' feeling.
Whoa, lost that loving feeling.
We lost that loving feeling.
And it won't come back.
No, it can't come back.
spikethemuffin: (Gardening)
I put my hair up like General Organa's because I thought it might amuse my daughter. The hair doesn't really show in this pic, but my relationship to my amazing paternal grandmother does, I think.

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The phrase, "like one's personal popsicle." Um... aren't popsicles always personal? I mean, unless they're the kind you break in half and wow not the imagery I want.


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