Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Lost it on the phone because the customer's profile was taken by someone who misheard her address on "Calvary Road," as "Cowracing" road and COULD NOT stop imagining how certain Sunday-school mimeographs/ hymns would have been terribly, terribly different...
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Pointless and bitchy FEELINGSVOMIT behind cut. I think I am the only person who find this even remotely funny. I keep wanting to bring this up, somewhere. I keep wanting to get it out. I am hopeful that by writing it out where people can see, I can put it behind me.

I also kind of want someone to say, "Bwahahahahaha, seriously?" about something on this list.

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 06:36 pm
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1. Sucks to my asth-mar: every so often, usually when I am exposed to lots of Febreeze, I have this thing where I get terribly out-of-breath just sitting upright, Happened today, no Febreeze of which I am aware. Tapped out of work because I can't talk without sounding like I am that one kid from Malcolm in the Middle (not great in call center employee), headache like I've been blowing up way too many balloons. Feel like a giant weenie, also brainweasels are saying this is obviously because I was using my breath to say awful lies about former roommate--- but I can't find where I was lying. Dammit. You can tell that it's not just subconscious saying, "enforced mental health day, NOW," because I am feeling worse and worse, instead of perking up the instant I call out. If I don't make it, make my daughter give my cat to check-ex R. because he fucking owes me, dammit, and I know he's a fucktard but he will take care of the cat like the goddess she is, and not to some rando on Craiglist.

2. The tallest blade is the first to fall to the lawnmower: running into trouble where guest calls up corporate and raves about how friendly and helpful I am, then corporate audits my calls and sends lots of constructive criticism about that's not how we do it. (For instance, making chit-chat while waiting for stuff to load or saying, "I hear that you are in a hurry, so I'll let you experience how great our hotel is when you get here, instead of describing your room.") Trying to take this as constructive criticism, but I worry I might be taken off the account. Hate that.


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